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HTTP API - Query a single message by its ID

On this page you will learn how you can query a single message by its ID in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This solution allows you to receive the content of a single message.

To query the content of a single message you need to type this address into your browser:

Specify these values:

"action": "getmessagebyid"
"username": your username used to log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
"password": your password in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
"msgID": is the GUID of the message to be queried

The response will be the follows:

	<senttime>2011.10.17. 13:10:26</senttime>
	<receivedtime>2011.10.17. 13:10:26</receivedtime>
	<creationtime>2011.10.17. 13:10:26</creationtime>
		<optionalfield name="30" value="35333131572D31303133322D303530364E2D333434544600"/>
		<optionalfield name="8528" value="017F"/>
	<messagedata>Test message</messagedata>

Possible State values:
0 = Idle
1 = Sending
2 = Preparing
10 = Delivery successfull
11 = Delivery rejected
12 = Buffered
13 = Enroute
14 = Expired
15 = Deleted
16 = Undeliverable
17 = Scheduled
18 = Unkonwn
19 = Skipped
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