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HTTP API - Query the addressbook in Ozeki SMS Gateway

On this page you will find an example on how you can query the addressbook of a given user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. In the response you will find all the contacts of that given user.

Enter this address into your browser:

Provide the follows:

"action": "getaddressbook"
"username": your username used to log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
"password": your password in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

The response:

        <Data>"John Smith","+3613710150","My friend with interest in computers","Friends"
        "Anna Smith","+36204447778","The sister of John Smith","Friends"
        "Jack Nicholson","+36307894561","Sales director","Friends, Employees"
        "Árvíztűrő Tükörfúrógép","+44777894187","Technical support specialis","Employees"
        "Kate Hudson","+36894612312","Secretary","Employees"
        "Ann Nicole Luise","+36207979979","The owner of an excellent restaurant","Friends"

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