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How to send incoming e-mails as SMS message

The following guide is about to demonstrate how you can collect the incoming e-mails from your e-mail account using a POP3 client connection in SMS Gateway and forward them as SMS messages. The step by step guide shows how you need to configure the POP3 client connection in SMS Gateway and what setting you have to modify in your e-mail account to be able to download the messages for the POP3 client. Let's get started.

incoming email sent as sms
Figure 1 - Incoming email sent as SMS

Step 1 - Create a POP3 client connection

The first step of this guide is to create the POP3 client connection. For that, you need to open the SMS Gateway application, and here, select the Apps menu from the toolbar. In this menu, like in Figure 1, select the POP3 client from the E-mail clients section by clicking on the Install button.

email client connections in sms gateway
Figure 2 - Select the POP3 client connection

Step 2 - Configure the POP3 server details

The first step of the configuration of the POP3 client connection is to provide the details of the POP3 server. This guide uses Gmail to demonstrate the process, so here, you need to enter the details of Gmail's POP3 server. As you can see it in Figure 3, type 'pop.gamil.com' as Host and type 995 as Port number. Then, select SSL/TLS as POP3 Security and lastly, provide the username and password of your e-mail account, which is in that case, a Gmail account.

configure the pop3 server details
Figure 3 - POP3 server details for the connection

Step 3 - Configure the advanced details of the connection

In the next step, you need to configure the way, that the connection is going to forward the messages. For that, first, click on the POP3 tab. Here, in the 'Message handling' section, you can set the maximum length of the message and select the way, how the e-mail will be forwarded. Next, as Figure 4 demonstrates, you can set the recipients for the e-mail. The addresses, that you type here will get the forwarded e-mails. If you finished with the configuration, you can just click on OK.

advanced configuration of the pop3 connection
Figure 4 - Advanced configuration of the POP3 client connection

Step 4 - Configure the security settings of Gmail account

After you created the POP3 client connection, you need to do some modifications to the security settings of your Gmail account. For that, just type 'https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps' in your browser and hit Enter. Here (Figure 5), you just need to turn the 'Less secure apps access' on. This will ensure that SMS Gateway is going to have access to download the e-mails.

turn on less secure apps
Figure 5 - Turning on access for less secure apps

Step 5 - Modify the Gmail POP3 settings

In this step, you need to modify the forwarding setting of your Gmail account. For that, open Gmail and here, click on Settings. In the Settings menu, you need to select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Here, like Figure 6 shows that, select 'Enable POP for all mail' and finally, click on Save Changes.

forwarding settings of the gmail account
Figure 6 - Modify forwarding settings of your Gmail account

Step 6 - Test the solution

With everything is set up correctly, all you need to do now is to wait for the incoming e-mail to your Gmail account. In case of an incoming e-mail, the POP3 client connection is going to download the e-mail and forward it instantly to the specified recipient address. Figure 7 demonstrates that the procedure of forwarding an incoming e-mail by using the POP3 client connection.

forwarding incoming email as sms
Figure 7 - See how SMS Gateway forwards the message as an SMS

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