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Message Loops: Unwanted tags in email

You might get the following ERROR message after sending an email to Ozeki SMS Gateway:
"ERROR 2541: This e-mail will not be sent as SMS to prevent SMS loops remove the SMS/REPORT tag from the subject line."

This ERROR message prevents forwarding message in case of '[SMS]' or '[REPORT]' tags are found in the email subject line.

Ozeki SMS Gateway can send emails with '[REPORT]' tags to the sender's mailbox with the following information:

  • Time of delivery to mobile network
  • Time of delivery to handset

Each of these report emails have a subject line starting with a '[REPORT]' tag.

If Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User receives an SMS message, it will forward it to a mailbox. In this case the email's subject will start with an '[SMS]' tag. It shows that it was converted from SMS.

When Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User downloads an email with a [REPORT] or [SMS] tag, they will not be delivered as SMS and will get ERROR 2541.

The loop prevention feature is necessary, since Ozeki SMS Gateway is quite frequently configured to download email messages from the same mailbox that receives status reports and/or SMS to email messages.

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