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Send SMS from PostgreSQL (part 1/4)
PostgreSQL Installation

In this video series you can see how to connect Ozeki SMS Gateway to a PostgreSQL database server for SMS messaging. The first video shows how to download and install PostgreSQL.

Video content
1. Download PostgreSQL
2. Install PostgreSQL
3. Install PostgreSQL's ODBC Driver
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Download PostgreSQL
Figure 1 - PostgreSQL's webpage

Start the installation
Figure 2 - Start installation from webbrowser

Choose destination folder
Figure 3 - Choose installation directory for the database server

Select Installation components
Figure 4 - Select components to install

Choose data directory's destination folder
Figure 5 - Choose data directory for the PostgreSQL server

Specify supeuser database account's password
Figure 6 - Specify password for PostgreSQL's superuser

Specify PostgreSQL's port number
Figure 7 - Specify PostgreSQL's port number

Select database cluster locale
Figure 8 - Select [Default local] database cluster

Read Summary
Figure 9 - Read pre installation summary

Wait until the installation is finished
Figure 10 - Wait until the installation is finished

PostgreSQL's installation has been finished
Figure 11 - PostgreSQL database server's installation has been finished

Install PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
Figure 12 - Install PostgreSQL's ODBC Driver

Select ODBC Driver
Figure 13 - Select 'psqlODBC' driver

ODBC Driver download
Figure 14 - Select destination folder to download 'psqlODBC' driver packages

Start Driver Installation
Figure 15 - Start the installer of the 'psqlODBC' driver

Choose Driver's destination folder
Figure 16 - Choose installation directory for the driver

Start installation
Figure 17 - Start 'psqlODBC' driver installation

Wait until the Driver's installation is finished
Figure 18 - Wait until the driver's installation is finished

ODBC Driver's installation has been finished
Figure 19 - psqlODBC driver's installation has been finished

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