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Send SMS from PostgreSQL (part 3/4)
Configure Database User

In this video series you can see how to connect Ozeki SMS Gateway to your PostgreSQL database server for SMS messaging. This video shows how to install and configure a Database User on Ozeki SMS Gateway. It is necessary to provide the connection string.

Video content
1. Install Database User
2. Provide connection String
3. Connect to Database
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Please scroll down to copy the PostgreSQL connection string used in the video. If you have created the database in PostgreSQL, you can jump to the next video. Although you can precisely examine the sequence by looking through these screenshots.

Connect to the PostgreSQL database
Figure 1 - Login to Ozeki 10

Open the SMS Gateway applicaton
Figure 2 - Open the SMS Gateway applicaton on Ozeki 10's desktop screen

Select 'Add new user or application'
Figure 3 - Click 'Add new user or application' on the right side panel

Install Database User
Figure 4 - Install Database User

Provide the User name
Figure 5 - Provide a unique name for the user

Connection Type:ODBC
Connection String:DRIVER={PostgreSQL ODBC Driver(Unicode)}; SERVER=YourServerIP;port=5432; DATABASE=YourDatabaseName;UID=YourUsername;PWD=YourPassword;
Figure 6 - Example ODBC connection string, which needs to be modified

Paste connection string into Database User configuration form
Figure 7 - Paste and modify the connection string on the Database User's 'Configuration' panel

Database connection successful
Figure 8 - Database User's event: 'Database connection successful'

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