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SMS from/to Oracle

The connection between Oracle Database and Ozeki SMS Gateway is a perfect solution for SMS messaging. Ozeki SMS Gateway's Database User makes sure that incoming SMS messages can be inserted while outgoing SMS messages can be selected from database tables. Incoming and outgoing messages are handled in separate tables. The solution uses the Ozeki SMS Gateway software installed on your PC.This solution is divided into 4 sections:

Install Oracle
Create the database tables in Oracle
Configure the Oracle database connection in Ozeki
Send a test SMS from Oracle

This page extends the general guide to SMS from/to Database.

You should also make sure that Ozeki SMS Gateway is installed. You should also check if Oracle Database is installed. If Oracle is not installed on your machine, please download the server and client from the oracle website. You will see how to store outgoing and incoming SMS messages in your Oracle Database's tables.

You can choose from a wide variety of options to send and receive SMS messages. You can send messages through a wireless mobile link, by using an Android mobile phone or an SMS modem attached to your computer. You can also send SMS messages over the Internet using in IP SMS service. In this case you will likely setup an SMPP, CIMD2 or UCP/EMI service provider connection.

To use either of these connection methods, you need to setup a Database link on Ozeki SMS Gateway. For Oracle connections, you need to configure this link to connect to your Oracle Database server. You will need to use a connection string to specify the connection details.

Each Database Connection needs it's own Database User.
The Database User belonging to an Oracle Database has the following connection string format:

Connection string type:Oracle
Connection string:Data Source=; User ID=username; Password=pwd123;
(Other 'Connection strings for Oracle')

In the connection string the IP address should be replaced with the IP address of the machine where Oracle Database server is running and do not forget to use the login credentials belonging to your Oracle Server's account.

By including 'Unicode=True' to the connection string, you can use unicode characters like NVARCHAR2. Make sure that NLS_CHARACTERSET and NLS_LANGUAGE parameters are set to your language. You can also try to set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOMEID\NLS_LANG registry key to UTF8.

Now the connection should be configured between Ozeki SMS Gateway's Database User and your Oracle Server, so it is time to create two database tables both for incoming and outgoing message by creating a proper database table structure:

Oracle SQL statements:


Figure 1 - Create tablespace 'ozeki'


Figure 2 - Create user 'ozeki' and grant access to tablespace


Figure 3 - Create table structure

The 'id' field should be maintained to support faster SQL updates.
The size of the message can be set higher than 160 character if it is necessary.
The 'msgtype' field can also be changed.

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