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How to change the admin password

The documentation on this page is about to give you a brief description of how easily you can change the password of your Ozeki account. This operation is really crucial to keep your account safe from unwanted actions. Changing your password takes just about 2 minutes and does not require any further technological knowledge. You just need to follow the simple instructions on this page. So, let's get started!

The changing of your password can be easily done in its dedicated menu. You can reach this 'Change Password' form simply from the desktop. As you can see it in Figure 1, just click on the Start menu, here select the 'Help' menu, and finally, just click on the 'Change password' option.

go to change password from the desktop
Figure 1 - Go to Change Password from the Desktop

After you selected the 'Change password' option, the following form shows up (Figure 2). This is the menu, where you can change and store a new password. For that, just type your current password in the first field, then type the new password in the second field and retype it in the third field as well. To save the modifications, just click on 'Save'.

change the password of your account
Figure 2 - Change the password of your account

After saving a new password for your account, the application logs you out to log in again but now using your new password. All you have to do here is to enter your username and the changed password in the fields of the login form (Figure 3) and just click on 'OK'.

log in using the new password
Figure 3 - Log in using the new password

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