Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway
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In the page, you can see screenshots about the login window, the desktop, the menu system and some helpful features of the Ozeki SMS Gateway. On Figure 1, 2 you can see the login procedure of the SMS Gateway. On Figure 3 to Figure 10, you can see some of the many features of the SMS Gateway.

the login form of ozeki sms gateway
Figure 1 - Login form of Ozeki SMS Gateway

the desktop of the ozeki sms gateway
Figure 2 - Desktop of Ozeki SMS Gateway

the main menu of the SMS Gateway application
Figure 3 - The main menu of SMS Gateway application

add a new connection
Figure 4 - Add a new connection

create a new smpp connection
Figure 5 - Create a new SMPP connection

add a new user or application
Figure 6 - Add a new user or application

list of the available database applications
Figure 7 - List of the available database applications

routing table for the messages
Figure 8 - Routing table for the messages

compose a new message
Figure 9 - Compose a new message

the advanced menu of sms gateway
Figure 10 - The Advanced menu of SMS Gateway

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